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Hot Air


Articles, Musings, Rants

Various writings I have accumulated about hang gliding.

Micrometerology and Hang Gliding

...a term paper for my 1982 Meteorology class...

97 Gnats underdog account of the 97 US Nationals...


...what's on your flying-friends-fridges?

Why We Fly

...a few essays on why it is worth doing this.


   "Some people are afraid of heights.
    Not me, I'm afraid of widths."

                   —Stephen Wright

        "I get up,
         And nothing gets me down"

                   —Van Halen

        "Time flies like an arrow—
         fruit flies like a banana."    

                   —Groucho Marx

         No matter where you go,
         There you are..."   

                   —Buckaroo Banzai

        "The laws of gravity
         Are very, very strict—
         You're just bending them
         For your own benefit..."
                        —Billy Bragg

  She said, "Why do you always end up
              down at Nick's Cafe?"
     I said, "I don't know—
              the wind just kinda
              pushed me that way."

                      —Robbie Robertson

           "I've been ionized...
            But I'm okay now."
                      —Buckaroo Banzai

           "No no—don't tug on that.
            you don't know what it 
            might be attached to."

                      —Buckaroo Banzai

    "Glider man
     Over land
     Is a-soaring
     Earth below
     Could he know?
     He's flying over my Laurie-Ann.
     Natural High
     Makes him sigh
     To know that he's so free.
     And he's smiling
     Down at me..."


             "Dudes you misuse
              on the way up—
              You might meet up—
              On the way down..."

                    —Little Feat

       "I look at the sky and ocean -
        I see painted canvas on a hill.
        You are my poetry in motion—
        And I love you..."
                    —Patty Larkin

     "Falling - falling...
      Gonna drop like a stone...
      Falling, through the atmosphere—
      On a warm afternoon."
                     —David Byrne

           "That's the way 
            the world goes 'round—
            You're up one day
            the next you're down..."
                         —John Prine

     "Home - sings to me of sweet things
      Life - there has its own wings
      Fly - over the mountain
      Though, I'm standing still."

               —Bonnie Raitt

              "Bones Heal.
               Chicks Dig Scars.
               Pain is Temporary.
               Glory is Forever."

                   —MTV Extreme Sports

“I think of those little planes up there
 Flying around—you can't even see them    
 They're specks!—and they're full of
 Tiny people, going places... 
 You know, I bet they could all land
 On the head of a pin!"                     
                      —Laurie Anderson

           "Why this mountain?
            Why this sky? 
            This road,
            This empty room."

                    —Laurie Anderson

           "I spoke about wings...
            You just flew..."

                      —Jennifer Warnes

         "You can walk on the water, 
          Drown in the sand—
          You can fly off a mountaintop,
          Anybody can."

                       —The Band

     "And nobody wants to know him
      They can see that he's just a fool
      But he never gives an answer
     'Cause the fool on the hill
      Sees the sun going down
      And the eyes in his head
      See the world spinning 'round..."

                        —Paul McCartney

   "As sure as the sun - will shine
    I'm gonna get my share—what's mine
    And the harder they come
    The harder they fall
    One and all..."
                       —Jimmy Cliff

    "When you get to the bottom
     You go back to the top of the slide
     And you turn and you stop
     And you go for a ride
     And you get to the bottom
     And you see me again..."

                       —John Lennon

         "Falling down the mountain
          End up kissing dirt
          Look a little closer
          Sometimes it wouldn't hurt."


           "Oh, but its not the fall
            That hurts her at all—
            It's that sudden
                       —Lou Ann Barton

    "They tell us that
     We lost our tails
     Evolving up
     From little snails
     I say it's all
     Just wind in sails
     Are We Not Men?
     We Are DEVO!"


           "and last night
            for the first time
            in a long time
            I let myself fly..."
                       —Sara Hickman

  "When you're up, it's a long way down,
   When you're down, it's a long way up,
   It's all the same thing—
   No new tale to tell."

                     —Love & Rockets

   "When Miss Moon lays down
    And Sir Sun stands up
    Me I'm found floating round and round
    Like a bug in brandy
    In this big bronze cup
    Drowning here in Summer's Cauldron"


           "Send it up, watch it rise,
            See it fall, 
            Gravity's Rainbow."

                    —Laurie Anderson

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