Ever want to fly like a bird?


Now you can.

For millions of years, man has looked to the sky and envied the birds.  It is now possible to fly just like the birds - silently, using the wind currents and thermals nature provides.  With safe and proven platform winch towing, you can even fly in the flatlands of North Texas!

Now, learning to fly like a bird is easier and safer than ever, using tandem instruction. Starting with an introductory ground school and discovery tandem flight, you will already be well on the way to becoming one with the wind. There is no faster or safer way to learn hang gliding.

You will feel the wind in your face, and the quiet rush of air over the wing...


After your discovery flight, you will be hooked. Sign up for lessons, and each tandem instructional flight will accellerate you on your quick path to soaring with the birds. Soon, you will be soloing, and then enhancing your new flight skills by learning to launch off a small training slope.


Be a

Continue your lessons, and you will graduate to mountain flying - the most challenging and exhilarating experience yet...

E-mail us at hangdog@earthlink.net or call for info today!