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Testimonials, etc.

“One could also not have asked for a better mentor and thanks to my lucky stars I was in the right place at the right time. I acquired a coach and more importantly a life-long friend. Pete literally helped me grow into a competent, steady, conservative H4 pilot. He always helped us carefully evaluate the weather conditions while we were getting acquainted with umpteen new flying sites; including the truck towing method. Through his careful observations, rock steady flying skills, and wise advice I was able to soak up invaluable hours of lessons, thank you Pete...

Now, some several years later, 200 flying hours wiser, and a handful of unforgettable flying trips later I write this with a smile... Many of my best flying memories are from shared trips with Pete including the following shot from a trip back down memory lane in Laragne, France off the Chabre launch:

I would highly recommend Pete Hammer to anyone considering spreading their wings. He's your safety ticket to cloudbase and then back down to earth again.”

Christine (Tine) Schiel
Golden, CO

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