You've got the moves...


We can capture them for you.

You work hard. You play hard.  You want the world to know.

Now, you can capture your business, or your best moves on DVD, and play them again and again.  Or send them to college coaches, for that critical leg up on your recruiting competition.

Portfolio Video

Does your business create beautiful things? Photos just don’t do them justice? You need video.

We can capture the heart of your creations, and put them on display for all the world (and your future customers) to see. Whether you build pools, design jewelery, sculpt, or sell houses, we can show your product in a creative way that will bring you more business. We can work from your video, or schedule a shoot. Click for more info.

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Video Sports Resumé

A video resumé is an exciting new way to present your athletic abilities to potential college coaches.  Using the latest computer-based video editing software, we create for you a custom, exciting, 3-to-5 minute multi-media presentation, highlighting the best performances and statistics of your student athlete.  We can work from your video, or shoot your athlete’s events. Click for more info.

Team/Club Highlights Reel

Your team has it’s ups and downs—but it’s your team, and you wouldn’t give it up for the world. Now, you can record your team's efforts for posterity, with a professional-quality presentation on DVD, set to music of your choice. We can work from your video, or shoot your team’s events.  Click for more info.


Be a

Hangdog Productions can help you document your athletic program, your big game, your student ahtlete. Professionaly quality digital editing and DVD output will give you a video you will want to share—with family, friends, and potential coaches. And the price is surprisingly reasonable. Special discounts for teams and clubs.

For other audio/video services, including video editing, filming, music CD compilation, contact us!

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