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Mon, Apr 12, 2004

CHHS Video Order Form


2004 Video Now Available!

The 2004 'Pain Train' video is available now!  The boys had a fun season, despite a few bad calls and close games.  The video highlights the entire CHHS boys' soccer program, including over ten minutes of JV game footage, and a special sing-along Karaoke section!. 

The video will be available for pickup at the end-of-season banquet; I can also ship anywhere, order extra copies for friends and relatives!

CHHS 2004 Boy's Soccer Video - on DVD: $20.00
CHHS 2004 Boy's Soccer Video - on VHS: $25.00 

Or, print out this PDF order form, and mail in a check!

2003 Boys Soccer Video

The 2003 Boys' Soccer Video is still available!  The team had a great season, as the Varsity team capped their season with a victory in the multi-region playoffs over Arlington High School...

This is the video that got a standing ovation at the 2003 end-of-season banquet.  Copies are still available if you missed it, or if you wore yours out already.  The price is now reduced to $20 on DVD, and $25 on VHS!

Order Now!

CHHS 2003 Boy's Soccer Video - on DVD: $20.00
CHHS 2003 Boy's Soccer Video - on VHS: $25.00 

Video Sports Résumé

Is your student athlete applying for college?

A video résumé is an exciting new way to present your athletic abilities to potential college coaches.  Using the latest computer-based video editing software, we create for you a custom, exciting, 3-to-5 minute multi-media presentation, highlighting the best performances and statistics of your student athlete.  I can work from your video, or shoot your athlete's events.  Click for more info.

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